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Never used in combat. Destroyed by its crew on its rail-carriage - France, 1940.



51st BCL (Heavy Tank Battalion) - France - July, 1939.




1st Company, 51st BCL (Heavy Tank Battalion) - France, Winter 1939-1940.
This tank carried its sinister and spectacular insignia only a short time ... it does not please to General Bruneau (chief of tanks of the Third Army) ... too German for his taste, certainly.



The "Normandie" after after overshielding.



Artist's view !
The Char 2C BiS which was modified where the turret was completely changed where it has more of a boxy look & the 75 mm Gun was replace with a 155 mm Howitzer. 3 Machine Guns were removed & it increased the weight to 74 tons.








FCM-2C 1/35


Heavy Tanks


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