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From the spring of 1944, a mannedand modified version of the V1 was tested , including by Hanna Reitsch (Reichenberg code) . None of these prototypes was used for fighting. In this version, the pilot would drive the V1 on the target and escape from it by parachute at about 1000 meters of the impact. Due to the limited time to complete the ejection , which was entirely manual at the time, this type of mission would have been a suicide .


Fi-103R-IV Specifications

Type: Single seat flying bomb
Crew: 1

Argus 109-014 jet engine | 332 kg thrust
Length: 8.00 m | Width: 5.71 m | Height: ? m
Weight: ? kg | Max. Combat Weight: 2180 kg
Max. Speed: 650 km/h | Ceiling: 4000 m | Range: ? km

Bombs: 806 kg warhead

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