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To attack American heavy bombers flew in a tight combat box formation, the So.344 had an ejectable explosive nose section (filled with 500 kg of explosives), which was fitted with stabilizing fins and a proximity fuse. The detachable nose section was to be released into the bomber box formation, thus doing maximum damage to as many bombers as possible.

The So.344 was a parasite aircraft and was carried to combat by a specially converted bomber, then it was released to fly on its own, powered by a single Walter 509 rocket engine. Armament consisted of two machine guns in the attack version, and two machine guns and one MK cannon for the fighter version. Only a 1/5 scale model for aerodynamic tests existed when the works where the So.344 was being produced was abandoned in early 1945.

Span: 5.7 m - Length: 7 m - Maximum Speed: Unknown

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src: Peter Allen (Lutwaffe'46)