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This MiG-1 was captured by Germans and exposed probably in Berlin during 1942. There was a propaganda exhibition called 'Russenparadies'. This exhibition was bombed by German communists, under the leadership of Bruno Baum. The aircraft is one of 22 captured in near flyable condition in the first days of war.



MiG-1 Specifications

Type: Fighter
Crew: 1

Mikulin AM-35 A | 1350 hp | Pistons
Length: 8.16 m | Width: 10.20 m | Height: 2.62 m
Weight: 2602 kg | Max. Combat Weight: 3319 kg
Max. Speed: 657 km/h | Ceiling: 12000 m | Range: 580 km

MG: 1 x 12.7mm Berezin UB MG & 2 x 7.62mm ShKAS
Rockets: 6 x RS-82 rockets



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