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The Henschel PJ 600/67 was the concept from the Henschel-Werke, which was designed in 1941/1942.
The PJ 600/67 was designed without landing-gear and should be brought up using a catapult or Mistel principle (parasite aircraft), and primarily be used against sea targets. Henschel's work already went into the wind tunnel tests and then into the production of a test aircraft when the project was stopped by the Reich Aviation Ministry.

(Artist's view)






Type: Jet Fighter, Attack Aircraft
Crew: 1

2 x Argus-Staurohre As.044 pulsejets
Length: 14.80 m | Width: 2.10 m | Height: 2.80 m
Weight: 2000 kg | Max. Combat Weight: ? kg
Max. Speed: 810 km/h | Ceiling: ? m | Range: ? km

MG: 4 x 20mm MG151 guns or 4 x 30 mm Mk.108 guns
Bombs: -



src: Peter Allen (Lutwaffe'46)