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This project of a rocket propelled fighter began in the early summer of 1944 and was originally known as the P.1068.
The pilot lay prone with spartan instrumentation in the cockpit. A Walter HWK 109-509 A rocket engine was the main powerplant, and four solid fuel rockets assisted take off. Take off was to be made vertically and landing was done on a skid. Armament was to be
two MK 108 30mm cannon. The first full mock-up, along with the plans and completed components, were destroyed in an air raid at the end of 1944. Two unpowered prototypes were 90% completed when the plant was overrun by Soviet troops.

Span: 4.6 m - Length: 6.8 m - Maximum Speed: 900 km/h

(Artist's view)


src: Peter Allen (Lutwaffe'46)

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