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This was the final design of the Gotha Go P.60 series, the P.60C nightfighter. The fuselage was lengthened again, to accommodate the installation of a radar set and its "Morgenstern" (Morningstar) antenna. Again, armament was to be four MK 108 30mm cannon.
The end of the war prevented further development.

(Artist's view!)





Go P.60C Specifications

Type: Jet Fighter
Crew: 2

2× HeS 011 or 2x BMW 003 turbojets
Length: 10.90 m | Width: 13.51 m | Height: ? m
Weight: ? kg | Max. Combat Weight: 7450 kg
Max. Speed: 960 km/h | Ceiling: ? m | Range: ? km

MG: 4 x 30mm MK 108
Bombs/Rockets: -


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