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Focke-Wulf Fw-190G

Close Support Attack Fighter
Long range (attack) Fighter
Arado, Fieseler, Focke-Wulf


was renamed from A-4/U8 JaBo Rei's. Initial testing found that if all but two wing root mounted 20 mm MG 151 cannons (with reduced ammunition load) were removed, the Fw 190 G-1 (as it was now called) could carry a 250 kg or 500 kg bomb on the centreline and up to a 250 kg bomb under each wing.
was renamed from Fw 190 A-5/U8 aircraft, similar to the G-1; the underwing drop tank racks were replaced with the much simpler V.Mtt-Schloß fittings, to allow for a number of underwing configurations.
was based on A-6 with all but the two wing root mounted MG 151 cannons removed. The new V.Fw. Trg bombracks, however, allowed the G-3 to simultaneously carry fuel tanks and bomb loads
The G-3/R1 replaced the V.Fw. Trg racks with Waffen-Behälter WB 151/20 cannon pods, giving the G-3/R1 a total of six 20 mm cannon.
was similar to the R1, but the V.Fw. Trg racks were removed, and two ETC 50 racks per wing were added.
was based on the Fw 190 A-8, using the same "bubble" canopy as the F-8 and fitted with underwing ETC 503 racks that could carry either bombs or drop tanks.
was a planned refit for the GM 1 engine boost system, but never made it into production.
G-8/R5 kit replaced the ETC 503 racks with two ETC 50 or 71 racks.

DIMENSIONS (Fw-190F-8 variant)
3610 kg
4400 kg
5010 kg
8.95 m
10.51 m
18.30 m²
3.95 m
241 kg/m²

ARMAMENT (Fw-190F-8 variant)
2 × 20 mm MG 151/20 E cannon (1)
2 x 250
Up to 1800 kg on three hardpoints:

center fuselage rated at 1800 kg, carrying 1 × 1800 kg (SC-1800) bomb or 1 × 500 kg (SC-500) bomb
2 underwing units rated at 250 kg, carrying 2 × 551 lb (SC-250) bombs, or 4 × 50 kg (SC-50) bombs


(1) synchronized in the wing roots

POWERPLANT (Fw-190F-8 variant)
1 × BMW 801 D-2
air-cooled 14-cylinder-radial, 41.8 L
1700-2100 hp *
339-419 hp / ton **
524 L plus provision for 115 L of auxiliary fuel in a rear-fuselage tank (internal)
+ 900 L total, consisting of 3 × 300 L droptanks (external)

(*) with MW50 boost, (**) with max takeoffweight

PERFORMANCES (Fw-190F-8 variant)
624 km/h at 5000 m
422 km/h at optimum altitude
? km/h
10601 m
15 m/s
641 km typical, 1049 km max

(*) vitesse de décrochage







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