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The Focke-Wulf Super Lorin was a proposed German jet interceptor project. Designed towards the end of World War II.
The Super Lorin was based on the Focke-Wulf Ta.183, with similar mid-fuselage positioned wings swept at 45°.
The rocket and turbojet would provide enough initial velocity to start the ramjet engines which cannot produce thrust at zero or low airspeed. Number built: None.

(Artist's view!)






Type: Jet Fighter
Crew: 1

1 x Rocket engine for initial thrust with
2 x Lorin ramjet engines for cruising propulsion.
Length: 11.60 m | Width: 7.60 m | Height: 4 m
Weight: 3800 kg | Gross Weight: 5200 kg
Max. Speed: 1000 km/h | Ceiling: 15000 m | Range: 950 km

MG: 4 x 30mm MK 108 (proposed)
Bombs: -


src: Peter Allen (Lutwaffe'46)