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Hypothetical appearance (camo of Bf.109T-1, 3./JG 77)

Me-155 was intended as a carrier fighter (for the carrier Graf Zeppelin) as a replacement of the Me-109T. The fuselage was a G-1 fuselage but fitted with an arrester hook and attachment points for a catapult. The wing was a new design however. The aircraft was to have been powered by the DB 605A engine and armed with three MG 151's and two MG 131's. Delay in the construction of the Graf Zeppelin meant that construction of the prototype was delayed indefinitely. Construction of the Graf Zeppelin was abandoned in 1943.


Navy Fighters



Hypothetical appearance of the prototype - Hamburg, 1945.

Messerschmitt adapted its design in November 1942 to match a Luftwaffe requirement for a fast single seat bomber. A single 1000 kg SC1000 bomb was to be carried. All of the carrier equipment and most of the armament was removed from the aircraft. Additional fuel tanks were provided and an elongated, non-retractable tailwheel was added to provide ground clearance for the large bomb. The proposal was designated Me 155A.










Hypothetical appearance of the design of December 1942.

Messerschmitt adapted the Me 155 design to provide an effective high-altitude interceptor. The engine was to be the DB 628, which was basically a DB 605A with a two-stage mechanical supercharger with an induction cooler. A pressurized cabin was to be provided.
It was estimated that a service ceiling of 14097 m could be attained.





Hypothetical appearance of the design of August 1943.

The DB 628 was not yet ready for production he was asked to Messerschmitt to rework the Me-155B to utilize the DB 603A with a TKL 15 supercharger. This redesign resulted in the Me-155B-1a with a larger fuselage to house the supercharger.

In 1943 it was concluded that Messerschmitt had to many projects on his hands and decided that the further design and development of the Me-155 should be handed over to Blohm & Voss. This meant that the design was renamed BV-155





Hypothetical appearance! No additional info.


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