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280mm K3 auf Lastenträger E100 "Tanngrisnir" (Uchronie)

280mm K3 auf Lastenträger E100: ModelCollect
PzKpfw V Ausf.F Panther: Hasegawa





















Utopian projection never having existed ... although similar assemblies on chassis of Tiger I and Tiger II were studied. This cannon was originally a railway cannon which by nature could only be used on the existing rail track and dependent on it for pointing. Its use was therefore limited. Mounting the barrel on two heavy tank chassis offered greater amplitude of movement and use. However due to the enormous weight to be supported by the two tracked hulls, the displacement capacities remained limited in terms of speed, range and all-terrain capacities, not to mention the wear of the mechanical components. It is likely that most of the travels would have been made by rail (the gun mounted on railway bogies), the gun being only deposited on its tracked platforms (transported separately on other wagons) as close as possible to its firing zone .



Weight 305500 kg
Crew 24
Engine 2 x HL 230 P30 V12 - 700 hp (in E-100 hulls)
Speed 25 km/h on road, 11 km/h off road
Range 110 km on road, 70 km off road
Lenght 21.8 m - 26.5 m
Width 4.60 m
Height 5.02 m
Armament 280 mm K3
Armor 100 mm





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