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The ADMK Motorkarrette Mulus was a wheeled tracked vehicle of the Austrian Armed Forces, which came into service in 1935. After the annexation of Austria to the German Reich, the vehicles were taken over and used by the mountain troops as artillery tractors.
In the mountain troops, the revised Wehrmacht variant with the hull structure was used as a towing vehicle , for example, the 4.7 cm Pak Böhler or the 7.5 cm mountain gun 36.

It could be operated both as a "tracked vehicle only", as a half-track vehicle or as a wheeled vehicle.



Type: Personnel Carrier
Crew: 1
Production: ?

Daimler 4-Zylinder, 20 PS
Length: 2.60 m (Tracks) - 3.60 m (Wheels)
1.00 m (Tracks) - 1.25 m (Wheels)
1.00 m (Tracks) - 1.28 m (Wheels)
Weight: 1560 kg
8 mm
Max. Speed: 16 km/h (Tracks) - 43 km/h (Wheels)
Range: 450 km (Road)
Suspension: Leaf Springs


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