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1.Panzerregiment, 1.Panzerdivision



1.Panzerregiment, 1.Panzerdivision, Guderian’s XIXth corps - Ardennes, France, May 1940.



1.Panzerregiment, 1.Panzerdivision - Poland, 1939.



101.Panzerabteilung (Flamm) - Barbarossa Operation, USSR, Summer 1941.



I.Abteilung, 7.Panzerregiment, 10.Panzerdivision - Barbarossa Operation, USSR, Summer 1941.


XXI.Panzerdivision, led by Rommel from Libya to Egypt. These Panzer II Ausf.Cs were “tropicalized”. This included better ventilation slits for the crew and the engine, and extra fixations for storage of any kind (spare parts, water and gasoline jerrycans).



With white cross: 2.Kp, 1.Pz.Abteilung, 36.Pz-Rgt, 4.Panzerdivision - France, May-June 1940






Pz.Kpfw II Ausf.c/A/B/C




Pz.Kpfw II Ausf.C 1/35Warsaw Fall Diorama


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