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3 Troop, A Squadron, Northamptonshire Yeomanry - Normandy, France, Summer 1994.



C Squadron, 13/18th Hussars (Queen Mary's Own), 27th Armoured Brigade - Goodwood 1944.




Staffordshire Yeomanry, 27th Armoured Brigade - France, July 1944.




Sharpshooters (4th County of London Yaomanry), 22th Armoured Brigade, 7th Armoured Division - Destroyed or abandoned in Villers-Bocage, June 13, 1944. One of the victim of the Tiger of the SS-Obersturmführer Michael Wittmann or one of the five other Tigers who were opposed to British forces today?




11th Armoured Division - Operation Plunder, early April 1945.








Sherman VC Firefly 1/35


Sherman VC Firefly BTMFirefly Turret Hotton


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