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The T-45 was light tank prototype, meant as a stop-gap measure until the T-70 could enter production. Based on the T-60 (with a new gun, turret and engine), it wasn't inferior to the T-70 in a number of aspects. However, there was no real match between the two and the T-45 was relegated to the dustbin of history. The prototype was sent into battle where it was most likely destroyed.


Type: Light Tank
Crew: 2 (driver, commander)
Production: 1 prototype

ZIS-5 engine | 73-76 hp or ZIS-16 engine | 85 hp (theoretical)
Length: 4.12 m | Width: 2.34 m | Height: 1.80 m
Weight: 7000 kg
Maximum: 35-45 mm (theoretical) - Minimum: ? mm
Max. Speed: 37.2 km/h | Power/weight: ? hp/t | Range: ? km
Suspension: Torsion bars

Main: 45mm 20K Model 1938
Secondary: 1 x 7.62 mm DT MG


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