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F Company, 67th Infantry (Tank) Regiment - Fort Benning, Aberdeen, Maryland, USA, 1934.
Anglo-American project of heavy tank, intended to be the common tank of the allied armies. Designed in 1917, it was the result of experiences matured during the First World War, but the armistice prohibits any operational verification of its qualities. However, it was produced in 125 copies in both the USA (by the Rock Island Arsenal) and Great Britain (by the North British Locomotive Company), in 1918-1920. From 1932 onward they were phased out; all were in storage in 1934.

Erratum, the Mark VIII in 4-views is presented with Hotchkiss machine guns while the American models were equipped with Browning machine guns... as can be seen in the more recent drawing.



Type: Heavy Tank
Crew: 10 (US) - 12 (UK)

Engine V-12 Liberty or V-12 Ricardo | 300 hp
Length: 10.42 m | Width: 3.56 m (w/ sponsons) | Height: 3.13 m
Weight: 38000 kg
Max. Speed: 8.45 km/h (governed to 10.06 km/h) maximum)
Power/weight: 7.89 hp/t | Range: 80 km
Suspension: unsprung
Main armament: 2 x QF 6 pdr 6 cwt Hotchkiss (57 mm) guns
Secondary armament: 7 x 7.92 mm Hotchkiss machine guns (UK) or5 x M1917 Browning machine guns (USA)
Armor: 16 mm Mawimum



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