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Tank n°15, Company B, 35th Tank Bttn, 4th Armored Division - Bastogne, late December 1944.



6th Armored Division - Ardennes, Belgium, January 1945.



Ardennes, Belgium, January 1945.
The sandbag racks are one of the additional field protective measures improvised by crews . However, these measures have a significant negative impact on the mobility of the tanks, the engine being difficult to assume the overweight, thus undergoing numerous breakdowns. Patton will eventually ban these practices.




Luzon, Philippines, January 1945.




Tank with "Appliqué Armor"



Experimental tank with HVSS running-gear and HCR2 Plastic Armor Kit.



Here is the "Caballero" again, here equipped with a commander's cupola ... is it the same tank (modified or new vehicle)?




4th Tank Battalion, US Marines Corps - Iwo Jima, March 1945.







M4A3(75)W Interior Details 1/35M4A3(75)W Ardenne'44 1/35M4A3(75)W Philippines'45 1/35


M4A3(75)W BastogneM4A3(75)W Bastogne new pictures



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