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Artist's view ! Hypthetical appareance !

None built, with no real prototype or blueprint. This Medium Tank first started development in 1944. The tank was designed by the "Army Ground Force" (AGF) who were wanting a replacement for the obsolete M4 Sherman, with capability of fighting Tiger IIs or Jagdtigers. Its 3" (76.2mm) gun was capable of penetrating 203.2 mm at 30° at 1000 m (85 rounds). This 45t vehicle was to have a remote controlled bow .30 cal MG as well as .30 cal “blisters” on the side of the turret.With a 900 hp engine, this tank could reach the top speed of 50 km/h. The frontal hull was to have 203 mm thick armor. This prokect was cancelled in 1946 following the conclusion of the Second World War.





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