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T95 hull with XM60 Turret and standard 90mm Gun.





The hull of T95 Pilot No. 2 with 90mm Gun T208.




FV4201 hull with T96 Study F turret and British 120mm bagged-charge gun, without fume extractor.




T95 hull with an Americanised FV4201 Turret with M48/M60 style commanders cupola and 120mm gun with fume extractor.





T95 Hull with the standard FV4201 Chieftain turret and 120mm gun.




Type: Main BattleTank
Crew: 4
Introduction: -
Number built: 0

AOI-119505A 8-cylinder, gasoline , 560 hp
Power/weight: 13.5 hp/t

Length: 10.82 m* | Width: 3.15 m | Height: 2.84 m
Weight: 32 US short tons (est.)
(*) est. based on T95E6
4.4in (111.8mm) maximum
Maximum speed: 35 km/h (road, est.)
Range: 241.4 km
Suspension: Torsion bar, Shock absorbers

Main: 90mm Tank Gun T178
Secondary: 12.7 mm (.50cal) M2HB machine gun,
.30 in (7.62 mm) M73 machine gun



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