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2nd Gun Tank, 2nd Platoon, C Company, 3rd Infantry Division "Marne Division"
"Iraqi Freedom" Opreation, Iraq, Bagdad International Aeroport, 4 April 2003.



2nd Platoon, 1st Company, 1st Marines Division, fitted with CIP, TI phone, EPLRS antenna, fall 1990s.





M1A1 HA is currently in service with the US Marines and is deployed in large numbers in Iraq. "Sinister Minister" PC, 2nd platoon,
2nd Marine tank battalion, 1st Marine division. Started on March 19, 2003, Operation Iraqi Freedom is completed on August 19, 2010.





Type: Main Battle Tank
Crew: 4
Designed: 1972-1979
In Service: 1980–present,
October 1988 (M1A1HA) HA = Heavy Armor
Number built: 4976 built for the US Army, 221 for USMC (M1A1)

Turbine Avco Lycoming AGT-1500 multi-fuel (diesel-gasoline-kerosene - 1980 L), 1500 hp
Power/weight: 29 hp/t
Length: 9.80 m| Width: 3.70 m | Height: 2.90 m
Weight: 57200 kg
Chobham reinforced with uranium depleted on the frontal part, homogeneous steel rolled-iron product and Kevlar
Maximum speed: 48-72 km/h | Range: 465 km
Suspension: Torsion-bar

Main: 120 mm M256 smoothbore (40 rounds)
Secondary: 12.7 mm (.50cal) M2HB MG (1000 rounds),
2 x .30 in (7.62 mm) M73 MG (2000 rounds)



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