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M1A1 Abrams of the first serie tested in the Mojave desert, in desert tan livery, 1986.



M1E1, experimental prototype for the new M286 L44 gun, 1984.



Type: Main Battle Tank
Crew: 4
Designed: October 1980
Number built: 4976 built for the US Army (all models)

Turbine Avco Lycoming AGT-1500 multi-fuel (diesel-gasoline-kerosene - 1980 L), 1500 hp
Power/weight: 29 hp/t
Length: 9.80 m| Width: 3.70 m | Height: 2.90 m
Weight: 57200 kg
Chobham reinforced with uranium depleted on the frontal part, homogeneous steel rolled-iron product and Kevlar
Maximum speed: 48-72 km/h | Range: 465 km
Suspension: Torsion-bar

Main: 120 mm M256 smoothbore (40 rounds)
Secondary: 12.7 mm (.50cal) M2HB MG (1000 rounds),
2 x .30 in (7.62 mm) M73 MG (2000 rounds)



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