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Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle (or EFV, Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle) was an amphibious assault vehicle that was being developed for the U.S. Marine Corps. It is launched at sea, from an amphibious assault ship beyond the horizon, able to transport a full Marine rifle squad to shore. It would maneuver cross country with an agility and mobility equal to or greater than the M1 Abrams. The Marines have asked for the EFV to be canceled in favor of the Assault Amphibian Vehicle Service Life Extension Program, the Marine Personnel Carrier and the Amphibious Combat Vehicle.



Type: Advanced Armoured Amphibious Vehicle
Crew: 3
Capacity: 17 troopers
Introduction: 1956
Number built: 1123

MTU Friedrichshafen MT 883 Ka-524 diesel engine
2702 hp (water), 850 hp (land)
Power/weight: ? hp/t
Length: 9.01 m| Width: 3.66 m | Height: 3.19 m
Weight: 33525 kg
Maximum speed: 72 km/h, 47 km/h (water) | Range: 480 km
Suspension: Hydraulic Suspension Units

Main: 30 mm Bushmaster II Mk44 Gun
Secondary: 7.62 mm (.30cal) M240 MG



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